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Coaters and Moisturizers

Converting Equipment and Systems:

Coater and Moisturizers


CMS Industrial Technologies, LLC offers coating and moisturizing equipment and systems that can be customized to fit your process needs. Our coaters and moisturizers feature the latest advances in closed-loop control, providing a continuous, precision-controlled application. Our design furthers the liquid application metering system, enabling a coating and moisturizing application with superior performance characteristics.

At the heart of our coating and moisturizing systems, there beats a hydrophilic transfer roll. This transfer roll is independently driven by a variable speed motor and can carry a substantial amount of water or solvent-based coating, which means the substrate receives a precise amount of application for your coating or moisturizing needs. This hydrophilic technology allows for superior performance in coating or moisturizing transfer to your substrate.

Fully customizable, our coating and moisturizing systems are built to last; made of annealed steel, ground flat for superior precision, parallelism and application excellence. Additionally, our coating and moisturizing systems are equipped with stainless steel splash guards and pan assemblies, nurturing a safe, clean production environment suitable for 24/7 operations. 

Our moisturizers also contain a fully-automated, closed-loop moisture profile control. This closed-loop control is achieved by sensing moisture after the liquid application system via the CMS Pro-2000 NIR sensor. In regards to coaters, coating consistency and laydown are controlled automatically via the CMS Gravimetric Control System. Coating application is constantly monitored and adjusted to the coater's settings, maintaining optimal coat weight for your production process.

Our coaters and moisturizers can be integrated into existing converting lines or custom-engineered to perform an off-line process. Our in-demand coating and moisturizing equipment and systems are testing in house, installed at your facility and continuously supported. If you're searching for coating or moisturizing equipment and systems to aid in your production process, get in touch with CMS Industrial Technologies, LLC -- we can help you tackle your toughest process challenges.



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