Equipment Renovation & Upgrades

Value adding retrofits and upgrades are driven by existing equipment components obsolescence
and escalating new equipment cost.

  1. Are you a professional operating in the Flexible Packaging, Paper Products, Folded Cartons, Rigid Packaging or Consumer Products Industries with equipment that is 10, 15, 20 or even 25 years old?
  2. Do you have Flexo Printing Presses, Adhesive or Extrusion Laminators, Coaters, Moisturizers or Slitters with drives, PLC’s and electronics that have become obsolete over the years?
  3. Is your equipment experiencing intermittent drives, PLC’s or general controls issues that has often slowed or halted production for an extended length of time costing you loss of revenue?
  4. Are you proactively attempting to find a solution before the problem gets worse, which necessitates a costlier and more complex solution as well as lengthy downtime?
  5. Would you like to avoid major unplanned upgrades, since those would require more investment and increased downtime?
  6. Do you wish to reuse as much as possible of your existing equipment (hardware), yet implement drives, electronics and controls upgrades offering the most cost-efficient option?
  7. Would you also like to achieve the above with very little downtime, working around your production schedule with the least possible interruptions?


CMS Industrial Technologies has your answers with a proven path forward!

CMS will provide you with a “Free of Charge” analysis of your existing equipment and determine how much can be reused. From there, CMS would work with your team to develop recommendations for a value adding, custom solution.

CMS Industrial Technologies is a Custom Solutions Company with a proven track record in the areas of partial and complete controls retrofit for Flexo Printing Presses, Adhesive/Extrusion Laminators, Coaters, Cast and Blown Extrusion Equipment, Moisturizers and Slitters requiring less downtime and best economical value.


Controls Platform Upgrade / Replacement

  • Full Integration of New Controllers, PLC’s, Temperature/Register, Motion Controls, Integrated Safety Functions/Guards as well as the Entire Machine Function Controls and HMI
  • New Panels housing components into the controls platform. Located in the control cabinet with the drives, the housing for control section provides the physical framework where an individual drive system control card, or section, could be inserted to provide the analog conversion for the master encoder signal between the drives and the motion logic control (MLC).
  • State of the art faster input/output (I/O) cards compatible with the MLC would replace all obsolete I/O cards. This upgrade enables these components to operate at maximum efficiency.
  • The controller, HMI and I/O card for the equipment will be upgraded. With these modifications in place, your new system will have a complete controls architecture that can effectively communicate with all the servo drives and motors.


For information or inquiries about equipment upgrades and renovations, please contact: