Upgrade / Retrofit Summary & Benefits

Upgrade / Retrofit Summary & Benefits

  • Replacing outdated controls platform with modern motion logic controller
  • Adding housing for controls to ensure communication between reusable components with the new drives and new controller using existing automation bus
  • Upgrading HMI to newer graphical interface with touchscreen capacity
  • Replacing older I/O cards with newer high-speed I/O cards
  • Adding 12-20 years of profitable utilization of the current machine lifespan
  • Avoiding nuisance downtime, hunting for obsolete components and spare parts on the internet
  • Ability to run at full, original design speed and sometimes increased speed with fewer additions and modifications to the machine
  • Improved reliability, increase MTBF, reduce downtime and increase OEE
  • The ability to go from Geared Flexo Press to Gearless arrangement which results in:
    • Infinite repeat length and flexibility
    • Reduced downtime and change over time (not looking for and installing gears)
    • Reduced components, generated heat and space in control cabinet with newer technology
  • Supported comprehensive, efficient code for motion control
  • Extended Upgrade and Improvement Package Capabilities
    • New light weight, Carbon Fiber Enclosed Doctor Blades Installation, Start-Up and Service
    • New Ink Delivery System Installation, Start-Up and Service
    • New Viscosity Monitoring and Control Installation, Start-up and Service


Greater output and Extended Lifespan

Your current equipment (with little to fully depreciated value on the books) will be usable for at least another decade, and the new controls platform is expected to last another 20 years.


For information or inquiries about equipment upgrades and renovations, please contact: