Moisturizers & Decurlers

Moisturizers & Decurlers

At CMS Industrial Technologies, LLC our moisturizing and decurling systems consistently outperform all other equipment on the market. Our game-changing technologies allow for fully automatic moisture profile control for virtually any moisturizing/decurling application. We have a variety of models to choose from, including systems configured for narrow web and wide web applications and a diversity of materials including paper and paperboard, silicone release liner, laminations, carrier board, ink jet/laser jet papers, printed labels, and metalized papers.

At the heart of our equipment is a closed-loop control system that automatically achieves and maintains the desired process conditions. By using moisture sensors with a control board right in the sensor housing, feedback loops ensure predictable and repeatable results, even at high operating speeds. Our recipe menu system stores all process settings for uniform application and accurate repeatability from run to run.

As the producer of the most widely used moisturizing and decurling equipment in North America, we are dedicated to providing value to our customers by providing quality equipment and outstanding support. Contact us today to learn more.


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