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Roll Coating Equipment and Systems

Roll Coating Equipment and Systems:

Liquid Application Systems


If you are operating in paperboards or paper consumables, rigid packaging, flexographic printing, or steel/aluminum coil coating and are in search of roll coating equipment or liquid application systems, CMS Industrial Technologies, LLC can provide custom-engineered systems and solutions to better your production process.

We offer liquid application systems as well as roll coating equipment and systems that provide continuous process precision and production reliability. Our roll coaters are specifically designed for thixotropic (shear-thinning) coatings, providing an ideal, pinhole-free laydown versus flexographic coating technology. Our liquid application systems are designed to impregnate your substrate with the exact percentage of moisture required for process perfection, with moisture transfer controlled via the closed-loop CMS Recirculation System.

Customization in the design of our roll coaters and liquid application systems allows for process-tailored applications, operational safety and functionality. Our hydrophilic roll coaters consist of spot-coat and full-coat applications, furthering the LAS metering system in their design and enabling a coating application with superior performance characteristics. Our moisturizers and liquid application systems are engineered to scale to your unique production requirements. A CMS liquid application system can range from a light-duty moisturizing unit to a mill-duty, wide-web moisturizing system.

Our liquid application systems also contain fully automated, closed-loop moisture profile control. This closed-loop control is achieved by sensing moisture after the liquid application system, via the CMS Pro-2000 NIR moisture sensor. In regards to our roll coaters, coating consistency and laydown are controlled automatically via the CMS Gravimetric Control System. Coating application is constantly monitored and adjusted to the coater's settings, maintaining optimal coat weight for your production process.

Our roll coating equipment and systems are designed with hydrophilic technology that allows water to bond with the coating, shearing the coating at various stages in its application by controlling the speed and pressure differentials for repetitious precision. Our liquid application systems are also designed with hydrophilic technology, controlling the transfer of water by variable speed and pressure differentials. 

Our roll coating equipment and liquid application systems can be integrated into existing converting lines or custom-engineered to preform an off-line process. Our in-demand coating and moisturizing equipment and systems are tested in house, installed at your facility and continuously supported. If you're searching for coating or moisturizing equipment and systems to aid in your production process, get in touch with CMS Industrial Technologies, LLC -- we can help tackle your toughest process challenges.



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